A New Chapter

Welcome to 1st & Bloom!

I finally decided it was a good time for me to start a blog since I am about to begin a very exciting chapter of my life. I’ve been told one too many times that I need to start a blog and have surprised many people with the fact that I don’t have a fashion, food, or travel blog. I won’t be traveling as much now that I have started working- but I’m sure I’ll find enough to write about!

I’m moving to Hoboken, NJ this weekend and I don’t think I’ve been more excited about anything in my entire life. I’ve graduated college and landed myself my first full-time job at a Pharmaceutical Marketing company right outside NYC. I’ve been dating my boyfriend- KC, for about 4 years and we’ve decided that since we like each other most of the time, moving in together wouldn’t be too bad 🙂

Ever since I started my job about 2 months ago, I have been commuting from my family’s house at the beach in New Jersey, which is about an hour each way. The two hours that have been eaten up commuting are needed back in my life- and will be taken advantage of for things like working out, cooking, relaxing in my new apartment, discovering all that the square mile city has to offer, and making the most of what I think is bound to be the most exciting and amazing few years of my life.

commuting into the city on my first day of work
storm watching from the office
view of lower manhattan from the office
stormy city
purple haze
last week of commuting 🙂

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