A Lot of Stuff, A Little Space

Ever since we signed the lease, I have been pretty obsessed with interior decorating and organization ideas, as most girls in my position would be. I have a lot of stuff, and the new apartment doesn’t quite have ample space for all of it.  I don’t want it to feel cluttered or cramped, so I’ve really been trying to decrease the moving pile by opting to leave some things at my parent’s house. Regardless, I still have to be crafty with organization all while making sure the apartment feels like a home. I can’t wait to use some of the ideas I’ve found!

tension rod under sink to organize and make most of limited space

magnet on wall to hang knives… kind of looks neat, too
dollar store tray sprayed with chalk board paint
this is an obvious necessity
since my boyfriend really enjoys cleaning… and i am not being sarcastic
love this idea
grow your own herbs!
great for the holiday season… string lights in wine bottles
organize your hair tools… store them in pvc pipe attached to your cabinet door
wine glasses dipped in chalkboard paint
mason jar painted with gold and chalk board paint on the lid to label anything from bobby pins to sugar or salt!
cute idea for a key hanger