Things Currently Making Me Happy


I’ve been finding more and more relevance to the saying “it’s the little things in life that make you happy” ever since I’ve started working. It’s not that I didn’t appreciate them beforehand, it’s just that most of my day is consumed with… work… so when something does make me happy- even just a little bit, it’s much easier to notice.   Sometimes it’s something like a Wegman’s trip planned after work (yes, that actually makes me happy); or it’s something like discovering a coffee shop around the corner that uses almond milk in their lattes (delicious); but more often than not it’s simply realizing how lucky I am and knowing that alone is enough to make me happy for a long time.


taking advantage of the fact that i can do this after work
this sign.
my recent discovery that pink hunters exist
my new pants. that have birds on them.
the fact that ray rice posted this on his facebook after hearing about the shooting in a baltimore high school
scheduling a “meeting” outside today so we could soak up at least a little of what was 100% the most beautiful day EVER
dolce vita oxfords, i’ve got my eye on you
wildfox hoody
Special birthday gift
elizabeth olsen. she pulls it off. not sarcasm. love her
wine nights with my friends in the city. thursday=thirstday
this juice box
this french bulldog puppy. all french bull dog puppies.
what an ugly crier
pretty much
this lil nugget

also, the fact that my grandpa was texting during dinner.


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