Hoboken Bucket List

One of my favorite blogs, Hoboken Girl, created a Hoboken Bucket List, which inspired me to make my own. Although I do plan to (attempt) to do everything on her list, I had some ideas of my own that I wanted to add.

1. Have a picnic in Sinatra Park

2. Walk from 1st street to 14th street on Washington Street, going into every clothing store along the way in attempt to find the best ones

3. Go into Carlo’s Bakery and get a cannoli. or two.

4. Go to Castle Point Lookout- the highest point in Hoboken, which overlooks Manhattan

5. Try Mexican, Cuban, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Irish, Greek, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Thai, and Malaysian food- all in Hoboken.

6. Try a kickboxing class at Club Ko

7. Do a Hoboken Bar Crawl and learn all of the good happy hour deals

8. Do a wine tasting at Bin 14

9. Go to brunch at The Elysian Cafe, The Brass Rail, and Isla (and get stuffed french toast).

10. Run along the Hudson in the morning before work (Hoboken Running Guide)


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