Hoboken Secrets

It seems like all of the locals know where to go on certain nights, what times to go there, what to order, when to avoid a certain area, and other random “rules” to follow that are learned only by living in Hoboken. I’m excited that I have them to guide me in the beginning, but am eager to learn the secrets on my own.

Some tips I’ve received so far:

1. Don’t go to Sushi House on Monday or Tuesday- that’s when they’re trying to get rid of their old fish, which is why it’s 50% off

2.Keep a beach chair handy so you can lay out at Pier 1 when it’s nice out

3. Don’t go to Grmialdi’s with less than 2 people- you have to order at least a whole pie

4. The Bagel Smashery puts their bagels in a panini press, so if you get a bagel with cream cheese, the cream cheese will be hot- ew

5. Don’t go to the A&P- ShopRite is cheaper and has better produce. Also, buy alcohol at ShopRite because it is much cheaper.

6. JP Bagel Express (right near the path) has Hoboken’s best bagels

7. Don’t call 911. The call gets routed to an out-of-town dispatcher and takes a while to get an in-town response. Instead, call the Hoboken police department directly at (201) 420-2100. They will respond super-fast.

8. Two pharmacies deliver in Hoboken: Barron Drug ($10 minimum) and Hoboken Family Pharmacy (no minimum). Both deliver Monday-Saturday.

9. The downtown CVS has a 24-hour pharmacy, handy for filling late night prescriptions.

10. Margarita’s is a great BYOB with amazing penne vodka and pesto.

11. Vito’s is home to the best Italian sandwiches in the world.

12. Amanda’s is a great spot to bring family or friends to brunch.

13. Precious has the best Chinese food in Hoboken.

14. La Isla is a great Cuban BYOB where you get a cheap dinner.

15. Places to watch Football- Wicked Wolf, McSwiggans, Black Bear (Tuesday night is wing night- bucket of wings and pitcher of beer for only $10).

16. Best sushi- Illusion, Roppongi, Sushi House


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