Move-In Weekend

Goodbye Belmar!

What a weekend! We’re all moved in and I couldn’t be happier. The move in process didn’t go without a hitch- but I can’t complain because everything is figured out now. The tenants that lived in the apt before us were two 23 year old guido’s that haven’t cleaned a day in their lives, which presented a big problem for us. When we saw the place with the real estate agent, we were concerned with the general messiness/dirtiness of the place, but they assured that they’d have it professionally cleaned by the move in date.

A week before move-in, the agent asked us if it would be okay if we waited until after noon to move in, since the boys were moving out that morning. I was a little upset because I had scheduled movers for 8am, hoping to be unpacking by 10am- but I pushed back the movers a bit and we agreed to a noon move in time.

Roaming while we wait to move in

The movers only too 30 minutes to completely load up all of our stuff from Belmar and it was in Hoboken, along with the two of us, by 11am. We talked to the boys and they said they would still need until noon, so we waited around with the movers until then. Noon came around and they were no where near done- we went into the apt to find a mess- their belonging still sprawled out everywhere and it was SO dirty- dirty dishes still in the sink type dirty. Our movers had to help them get their couches out, I was helping them pack up their kitchen cabinets, and KC was helping them back all of their T.V. and cable stuff- not what we signed up for.

Midtown Manhattan from Hoboken

If that chaos wasn’t already enough, Stanley Steamer had come in and started to clean the carpets- which one of the boys told us would need 30 mins to dry, and although we we’re annoyed we needed to wait another 30 mins to move in, we wanted the carpets cleaned. After the carpet people were done my room, they came into the living room and said, “Give this about 6 hours to dry before you walk in here or bring anything in here.” We were misinformed of the drying time, so we had to tell them to leave and that we’d schedule them another time, since if they started to to the rest of the apartment, we’d have to wait 6 more hours which wasn’t happening.

All in all, the rest went well. The movers brought everything up in under 2 hours- just piling everything up in the living room since we needed to wait 6 hours until we could go into my room. We spent the day cleaning what we could of the kitchen, since we were pretty anxious to unpack. We took a break to go to McSwiggans, a cool bar on our street, for some lunch and a drink- which was so good… and free! The bartender said “Welcome to Hoboken, you’re meal and drinks are on McSwiggans Inc!”

First time at McSwiggans
Smoking shots from the bartender

We spent the rest of the day unpacking and cleaning, until we could finally move furniture out of the living room and into my room. We went to a highly recommended Chinese place around the corner for dinner, which was so delicious. Then, one of my friends texted saying she was going out in Hoboken with some other friends of ours, so I told them to stop by to see the place before going out. We had a few drinks and caught up- it was great to see them and awesome to hear that they loved the place.

Way too excited for Ikea

Sunday morning I woke up really early and very anxious- I let KC sleep in and I went for a walk around Hoboken. I walked from 1st street to 14th street (about 2 miles), stopping at a Starbucks to sit outside and people watch for a while and an outdoor farmer’s market to pick up some fruit for breakfast.

We spent the rest of the day at Target and Ikea, and of course the building of the Ikea furniture had to be done right away because I was so anxious to get everything all set up. We got a coffee table, a T.V. stand, and a small kitchen table, which took about 2 hours total to build. We decided to take a break and roam the town at night- starting and ending at McSwiggans. We went to Black Bear Bar, which we will definitely frequent on Football Sunday’s. We also went to 1Rebublik, which was pretty crowded and more like a club than a bar, and to Green Rock which seemed really fun but we weren’t in the mood to wait at the bar for a drink. At McSwiggans, we met our landlord, Aiden, who is super Irish and very nice- he gave us free beers until we headed upstairs. We really like McSwiggans- it has a pool table in the back, a dart board, a bunch of T.V.’s and the crowd seemed to be mostly people our age.

Monday we went food shopping, unpacked some more, and relaxed. We cooked dinner and watched The Perfect Storm- a perfect end to a perfect weekend 🙂 Although I would have loved for my parents to be here this weekend, I’m so excited for them to come visit. They’ll get to see it when it’s all set up and clean. I feel so lucky that I get to live where I’m living- the apartment is perfect and the location couldn’t be any better. I can’t wait for all the good times to come and I know that moving to Hoboken was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

FoOoT RuBz

I was a bit bitter waking up this morning because I’d so much rather finish unpacking and hang in my new apartment than go to work- but I was excited to do my first commute from Hoboken to Jersey City. Honestly, I don’t even know if it could be considered a commute- I walked 2 blocks to the Path train, was on the Path for 6 minutes, then walked out of the Path station about 10 steps into my building- 15 minutes in all. I got to work 30 minutes early, which is why I have time to write this excessive play-by-play of our move in weekend.


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