The Best Weekend

This past weekend was the best weekend and I’m pretty depressed that it’s over.

Steve came to visit which was awesome. He had an interview in East Rutherford- about 20 mins away from Hoboken, so if he gets the job he’s going to move to Hoboken- fingers crossed.

We both got up early and I took him to my favorite coffee shop- I got a pumpkin spice latte and he got his first latte ever, a almond joy latte which was incredible.

He brought us Longtrail Pumpkin beer- the tastiest beer.

The Back to Hoboken Bar crawl was a huge success- we went to 6 different bars with some of my friends from work and had a really good time.

Bar crawlin

… Then we hopped on a train from Hoboken to Meadowlands to see BRUCE

Tailgating Bruce!

There was a rain delay… but the wait was well worth it. Bruce turned 63 while he was playing- still kills it.

Singing in the rain- literally

Sunday we spend the day at aunt Donna and uncle Neil’s hanging with them & the kids, doing laundry, and of course eating the best meal… and apple pie-  loving that I get to spend more time with them now that I live so close 🙂

Autumn in full swing at the Gerard house 🙂

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