Weekend Reunion

I know I said last weekend was the best weekend ever- but I think this past weekend was better. I haven’t seen my friends from college since graduation and they all came to visit- two from Baltimore, one from South Jersey, one from Belmar, and one from North Jersey… and Steve came back too! I wanted them to get the full Hoboken / NYC experience we had a busy weekend full of eating, drinking, shopping, exploring, and fun.  It was so great to see them- I didn’t realize how much I really did miss them until we were all together again. It was bittersweet, though, because I know it will be a while until we are able to do that again.

When they all got here on Saturday morning, I took them to Empire Coffee & Tea, my favorite coffee place. We all got “funky lattes” which are lattes flavored as actual food items like creme brûlée and milky way (which were amazing) then walked up to the water. It wasn’t the most beautiful day but we made the best of it. We went to brunch at Wicked Wolf and got mimosas and bloody mary’s, and caught each other up on our new lives.

Afterwards we walked up Washington to go shopping which was fun because I haven’t even had time to do that since I moved in. We went to Dear Hannah, Dor l’ Dor, and Bella Ro- all cute stuff at affordable prices. After practically buying out Dor l’ Dor’s comfy colored jeans, we walked back to the apartment to relax before our night out!

Walking along the Hudson


Brunch at Wicked Wolf

Saturday night we went to Robongi Sushi for dinner which has been recommended to KC & I multiple times. The sushi was very good and the fact that it was BYOB kept the bill at a reasonable price. Afterwards we went home to get ready for a night out in the city. We went into the meatpacking district in the West Village to a club called Tenjune. We knew a promoter there so we skipped the long line, didn’t have to pay cover, and got free drinks all night. I’d have to say that definitely contributed to the reason the night was so great- but even without that we would have had a good night. We all felt like we were back in college, all together again, dancing and having way too much fun.

Before going into the city!
The most handsome men
Waiting for the Path into NYC
At Tenjune in West Village

The next morning we laughed about how the night wiped us out- in college we would have woken up and started drinking again for football sunday or sunday funday… but the thought of alcohol now disgusted us. We realized that was a true sign that we were actually really growing up and that drinking 4 days a week was no longer an acceptable way of life.

Despite out hangovers, we wanted to take advantage of Sunday because it was such a beautiful day, so we walked around the Hoboken Arts & Music festival which was very cool. We got bagels and chilled on Pier A for a while, laying in the sun and talking about the night. I am so glad they were able to come and so happy they really loved Hoboken. I was pretty sad when they all left but I know that they’ll be back soon 🙂

Bagels in the Park
The most beautiful day

Hoboken Arts & Music Festival

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