Halloween Memories

I love halloween. It’s probably  one of my favorite holidays, along with Thanksgiving and Christmas of course. I wasn’t the biggest fan of it growing up, probably because my family didn’t make a big deal about it- we dressed up and went trick-or-treating but that was about the extent of our participation in the holiday… we never had costume parities or decorated the house with cobwebs and ghosts and all that cool stuff. I didn’t realize what I was missing out on- until I went to college.

Halloween in college is a full fledged week-long event or at least at Towson it is, and my friends and I always went all out. No matter what day of the week Halloween fell on, it was normal to celebrate the entire weekend and week leading up to it… that being said, it was pretty frowned upon to wear the same costume twice (I think it was just us who though this). My friends and I would get extra creative with some of our outfits, and I have to admit we had some awesome costumes throughout the years. We kind of prided ourselves on never once buying those horrible trashy costumes from the bag at Party City- we always made our outfits ourselves which in my opinion, was half the fun.  All of the girls would always get together and plan out what we wanted to do each night, decide what we wanted to dress up as, go craft shopping, and make our costumes together- we would make a girls night out of it and finish a box of wine, watch trashy reality shows, and reminisce on past Halloweens.

My roommate and I would have a Halloween party at our apartment each year, which I loved hosting. We’d invite a bunch of friends, decorate the place with skulls, cobwebs and pumpkins, make halloween treats, and of course themed alcoholic beverages. We’d usually stay in Towson one night, go into Baltimore another, and then go a house party the next. It was a weekend we all looked forward to and all four Halloween weekends during college are ones I’ll never ever forget.

As halloween is quickly approaching, I can’t help but to be sad that I won’t be able to spend it with them- the fact that I will probably only be going out/dressing up on actual Halloween night is a bit depressing too… but I’m going to be an owl so at least there’s that.

Anyway, I felt it necessary to reminisce on past Halloweens with my friends at Towson. I was always that friend with the camera- and although my friends would sometimes get annoyed in the moment, I think they’re all happy about it now. I find myself looking back at my college albums wondering how the heck it went by so fast, and having a hard time accepting the fact it’s over.  I know I have amazing times ahead of me and I’m looking forward to the future, but I know those were the best four years of my life.

Freshman Year

Football Player?

Sophomore Year

Gang Members?
and a Cheerleader
Cave Woman


No words for this one

Junior Year

Noah’s Ark- giraffes, polar bears, and zebras
Polar Bears
Won the costume contest at Mad River, Baltimore!
Fells Point on Halloween night – insanity

Senior Year

The Flinstones
Bam Bam & Parrots


White Swan & Black Swan
Black Swan & Nerd
Lacrosse Player, Fire, and a Cloud- clearly running out of ideas

Our Apartment during Halloween & Other Halloween Fun

Making Skittles Vodka
Pumpkin Beers
Corn Maze
Pumpkin Picking
Carving Pumpkins
Stealing Pumpkins from Stoops in Fed Hill …


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