Mom Time

Anyone that knows me knows my mom and I don’t go a day without talking to each other. We’ve always been close- but became especially close when I went away to college. It was then that she started to fill more than just the mom roll in my life- she became one of my best friends. Just like anyone moving to a new place full of unfamiliar faces, I got home sick and was lonely at times, but my mom was always there to talk whether it was on the phone, text messaging, or ichatting. I felt like I could tell her anything because no matter what it was, she’d never freak out or judge me. Instead, she’d calm me down if something was wrong, give me advice when I was having trouble, or simply just listen to me when I needed it most.

When I moved to Hoboken, my parents were in Italy so they weren’t able to help me move in or see the apartment, which they felt bad about but I understood. When they got back, Zach started his senior year of high school and their weekends were super busy, so I told them to not worry about visiting until they have a weekend completely free. This weekend, Zach and my dad went to a baseball tournament in Newport, RI, so they dropped my mom off in Hoboken on his way up there. We had such a fun weekend and I although I was sad when she left, they’re all coming back next weekend!

On Saturday, I showed her around Hoboken, took her in some of my favorite shops, then we went into the city to do some shopping 🙂 We went into the West Village and got the coolest skirt at Rag and Bone that we’re going to share and wear to our holiday parties- she’ll wear it to my dad’s company party in Philly and then send it to me so I can wear it to my company party in Jersey City- we both loved it and fit in the same size, so why buy two?!  We went to Steve Madden and fell in love with the neatest menswear inspired shoes that happened to be on sale- so we both got them… I guess I know where I got my sense of style from! We headed back to Hoboken, relaxed a bit, then walked uptown to Amanda’s for dinner- which was great. My mom said the atmosphere reminded her of Cape May. We got apple cinnamon martinis while we waited for a table. The food was incredible… We shared a beet salad and pumpkin risotto balls for appetizer (yes, they were as tasty as they sound), and for dinner I got scallops and she got fish. We caught up on everything and talked about how crazy it is that my life has changed so much over the past month. We ended at McSwiggans for one last drink, then headed up to bed to get a good night sleep for another day of walking around and shopping.

Chilly in Hoboken
Rag and Bone
Coolest Skirt from Rag and Bone

Our new shoes
Dinner at Amanda’s

On Sunday we woke up to a dreary day, but didn’t let that stop our shopping plans. We went into SoHo and spent the entire day walking around- in the rain. We found this little hole in the wall place for brunch called The Antique Garage. We didn’t realize it was turkish until we looked at the menu- we ordered two turkish dishes to split and they endup being really good. After we ate we walked aorund a bit more then hopped on the Path back to Hoboken and relaxed until my dad and brother stopped by to pick her up. We had Grimaldi’s ready for them, so they ate and left. I wish they were able to stay longer, but they’ll be back next weekend which I’m very excited about. I haven’t spent time with both my mom and dad together in a while. They were both very happy for me and impressed at how much I have grown up in the past month and how well I’ve adjusted to a new job and moving out on my own. It makes me really happy to hear they’re proud of me, because without them, I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today.

Rainy SoHo
Antique Garage

Bloody Mary
Text from mom after she left 🙂

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