The Far Hills Hunt

If you’ve never been to The Hunt, I suggest you start making plans to go next year- because it’s actually the best day ever. It’s a horse race in Far Hills, New Jersey… but let’s be honest- most people don’t even watch a race let alone see a horse. It’s essentially an excuse to dress in your fall best and drink all day with your friends. When I was little, my family would go every year without fail, but ever since Steve and I started college we haven’t all been together. Once my parents move back to NJ they said we’d start going again which I’m really excited about.

This year, I went with my friend Shannon and her friends and we had a great time. We stocked up on apple cider and champagne, spent an unnecessary amount of time picking out our outfits that ended up getting splashed with mud all day anyway, and took the train into Far Hills directly from Hoboken. I was reminded of my younger days at The Hunt when I saw little girls on their fathers shoulders- but other than that, it was a completely different experience. I’m already counting down the days until next year.

The Hunt, 1998 (?)

The Hunt, 2012

On the train

A sea of plaid


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