The Holiday Season in Hoboken

So, I guess its been a while. I haven’t too busy to blog, so I can’t use that as an excuse, but I have been busier than normal. Work has picked up quite a bit, which is a great thing in terms of my sanity. My first few months of work were seriously boring, the days dragged on slower than I had ever through possible. Recently, I have been busier, which makes the days go by more quickly- but doesn’t necessarily make me like this whole work life thing.

The Christmas season is always a busy time for everyone, too. I enjoyed having something on my schedule every weekend and loved everything about the holiday season in Hoboken. From work holiday parties to family get-togethers, it was one of my favorite Decembers to date.

Our little tree
Our little tree



My companies holiday party at the Hyatt in Jersey City was really fun- we danced and had fun with my co-workers to kick off the holiday season. Kc’s company party was also great- I was really excited to meet all of his friends/co-workers and thought every one of them was as great as he had described them. We went into the city with my little cousins to visit the tree at Rockefeller center, did a little Christmas shopping at Newport Mall, had guests visit us from Baltimore, and traveled to PA to have a little early Christmas with my family since we are headed to Costa Rica from December 21st to December 30th.

My company holiday party
My company holiday party
Kc's company holiday party
Kc’s company holiday party

I’m beyond excited to spend time with my family on the beach, in our most favorite place in the world. I think I am more excited than I ever have been for a vacation because I feel like I actually need it. Before, vacations were obviously amazing and I appreciated every second of them- but I didn’t feel as though I even deserved or needed a vacation from college; which I always thought of as a vacation in itself.

Grandma's Tree- Christmas with family
Grandma’s Tree- Christmas with family

Ever since I started working I’ve been craving time to just relax and let go of all of my thoughts and truly enjoy the company of my family.


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