Congrats Ravens!

Growing up, my family was never really a “football family.” We watched games on occasion, rooting for the Giants when we lived in Jersey and the Eagles when we lived in Philly. We devoted most of our attention to Baseball when it came to sports… the Yankees in particular. I loved having a team to follow and root for… we went to Yankees games whenever we got the opportunity and I loved that I grew up loving to watch sports and being passionate about a team.

When I went off to college in Baltimore,  I realized right off the bat that I was going to be a minority when it came to my love for baseball- don’t get me wrong, Maryland loves their O’s… but nothing compares to their love for the Ravens. Every Sunday was built around the Ravens game, on Friday everyone wore purple, some of my classes even got cancelled if they were at the same time as a week night game. The Ravens and Baltimore were more of a culture than anything else and I realized that I would quickly adopt a love for football, a love for the Ravens- or I would be missing out on a lot of fun and excitement. My boyfriend & his family are also HUGE Ravens fans so it didn’t take long for me to realize what I was missing… I started to really understand football and love to watch it… and it wasn’t long before I became what my brother calls a “football head.”

When we moved to Hoboken, we really missed watching the games with all of our friends and being surrounded by Raven’s purple, but the football culture still existed and we were able to have fun and really enjoy watching Ravens games. We didn’t get the regular season games on our TV, so we always had to go out to a bar which made Sundays totally unproductive but also really fun.

For the Super Bowl, we decided to stay home, just us two. We watched on our comfy couches, ate wings, and drank Blue Moons. We had fun as usual and were so happy when they won. I really think they deserved that win and am already looking forward to next football season 🙂




Ravens fun throughout the years:

555167_4389820271162_1769722815_n420986_4329617686135_629819491_n 405497_2693352180520_1210094275_n 375431_4209977055194_1176127764_n   64950_4329614126046_1489831665_n 150859_4437952154429_1106516500_n 263464_4084183582667_1760479624_n 318916_2161628007748_1170617604_n


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