Winter Woes

I hate being cold… I am seriously uncomfortable in the cold. Uncomfortable in the way that too-tight pants are uncomfortable… I just want to get out of it/them as fast as possible. The purpose of this post is not to complain, rather to just share my feelings on something I despise. That something happens to be a season that lasts several months and is very prominent in NYC/North Jersey, which is where I happen to live… that season is Winter, and it’s happening now. I want it to stop. I’ll tell you why.

NYC Winter
NYC Winter

On a Thursday night last Spring, I stayed at my friends apartment in New York City before I moved to Hoboken. On Friday morning, I woke up at the time I would normally wake up to commute from the beach to Jersey City, but clearly did not need that extra hour and a half.  I knew I wasn’t going to fall back asleep and rather than waking her up, I left and just started walking. I decided I would try to walk from Midtown Manhattan to The World Trade Center Path station, my ride to work.

I stepped out of her apartment on 34th & Madison to a perfect morning. I’d say it was probably about 70 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, zero humidity. I grabbed my favorite Jamba Juice concoction and just walked and people watched and walked and people watched simultaneously. About halfway through my walk I started getting blisters and my feet started to hurt because I was wearing sandals with no support, and I contemplated getting a cab. I decided not to because I was already halfway there, and I kind of wanted to accomplish walking from midtown to downtown, and I’m so glad I did. Almost 4 miles and over an hour later, I found myself in the Financial District looking up at the beautiful new Freedom Tower.

When I got on the Path, I realized how much I genuinely enjoyed my morning and truly was in the best mood ever. The city that morning was colorful, positive, and bright; everyone had a smile on their face.  The weather was perfect, the birds were singing their songs, and people were breathing in the fresh air while letting rays of the sun hit their faces as they walked. When I got to work, I looked at the NYC skyline from my desk and knew I would always remember that morning. I watched hundreds of New Yorkers start their day in the big city, from Madison Square Park, through Gramercy and Soho, to the Financial District… and not one looked sad to be doing so.

Spring, Madison Square Park
Spring, Madison Square Park
NYC Spring
NYC Spring

A few weeks ago, I slept at the same friends apartment and woke up early, wanting to do that same walk again… so I got up and started walking. This time, it was about 15 degrees and terribly windy. There were less than 1/4th the amount of people out & about that morning than there were on that one morning in the Spring. Braving the cold and wind to walk to work didn’t seem like a fun thing to do for anyone, not even me. It wasn’t making me happy… it was giving me frost bite and putting me in a bad mood. The city looked gray and the morning wasn’t what I’d hoped it would be. People looked miserable and upset and in pain when the wind whipped a below zero chill into their face. I was wearing layers upon layers,  a hat, gloves, and a scarf and I was still freezing.  My toes and fingers were numb and not even my favorite Starbucks latte could fix the problem. I hopped in a cab and found myself at the WTC Path 10 minutes later… much quicker than my last trip, but so much less fun.   It was then I decided how much I truly hate winter. It just ruins things. It makes it harder to enjoy the things I enjoy and puts me in a bad mood when I really have no right to be.

NYC Spring
NYC Spring

That is really all I have to say on the matter. I know I can’t make it stop… but if I could, I would. I guess I’m going to have to move to Southern California soon… that seems to be the only possible fix to this problem I’m having.

Yes, yes, I know people have it worse, which is why I started off by saying I am not complaining… I’m just sharing my feelings. I chose to live here and it’s really not THAT bad. I was more reminiscing on that morning and dreaming of summer & spring more than anything else.  At least I could afford a cab to get where I needed to go instead of walking and at least I have a job to go to. I get it, I really do.


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