Florida Weekend

What I learned in Florida this weekend

1. Florida is not always warm.


2. When Florida is chilly (50/60 degrees) people wear hats, gloves, scarves, parkas, boots and act like they’re walking through the  tundra.


3. Old people are so cute. I knew this already but I had to say it. They do water aerobics.


4. Old people can talk about the SIMPLEST thing for hours on end. What kind of detergent is best for colors? What’s the best route to the food store? Why do some people not put the toothpaste cap on when they’re done using it? When will the sun come out? What is a second cousin once removed?


5. All Nicolas Sparks books are the same. North Carolina can’t really have that many good looking people… come on. Josh Duhamel is better than North Carolina.


6. West Palm Beach has great shopping. Shopping doesn’t require good weather.


8. My grandparents are the best grandparents ever


9. My mom is the best mom ever


10. I’m lucky. I already knew that, too… but I had to say it.



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