iPad Cases

For graduation last May, my parents got my brother and I an iPad and I couldn’t have been more excited. I used it non-stop for a while during the summer for everything from online shopping to looking for jobs to watching movies and reading ebooks.

Last week, I was cleaning my room and found it laying at the bottom of a drawer I haven’t opened in months. When I started working I was given a brand new Macbook Pro, so I guess I just kind of didn’t have much use for it and honestly forgot I had it.

Since then, I’ve made it my goal to put it to use. I’m lucky to own one and I know it has the ability to make me a more organized and efficient person. I linked up my calendar to the cloud so that it’s connected to my phone, started a massive “to do” list, and downloaded a few books on the kindle app to read on my commute to and from work. I’ve been using it a good amount since then, and want to make that a habit.

Since I’ve been carrying it back & forth to work, it’s about time I get a case…. which is harder than it sounds. There are SO many cute tablet sleeves and cases out there… but here are some of my favorites!


1. Marc by Marc Jacobs, $198

2. Kate Spade, $168

3. Kate Spade, $80 

4. Marc by Marc Jacobs, $58

5. Herschel, $34.99 

6. Target, $19.99

7. Jonathan Adler, $158 

8. Le Sport Sac, $32


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