Weekend Spontaneity

This weekend was very random but very fun. We didn’t have plans all weekend, so we just kind of went with the flow of the weekend and did whatever we wanted- what a weekend should be about!

On Friday, we went out to dinner with our friends Carli and Scott. When I met Carli at work last year, she invited Kc and I to hang out with her & her boyfriend (now her fiance), and we became instant friends. They’re so easy to be with- conversation comes super easy and they’re a really fun couple.

We went to get sushi at a place in Hoboken called Illuzion. It’s now our favorite place in Hoboken that we’ve been to for sushi thus far. We started with rock shrimp which we all couldn’t stop talking about. It was crunchy, but not too fried, the flavors were delicious and we wish we got two orders… see… I can keep talking about it, but I won’t. We also each ordered a bigger speciality roll and they were all a big hit. I got the Clown Roll, which was fresh, tasty and cured my sushi craving that I’d been having all week.


After dinner, we walked to a new Whiskey Bar in Hoboken called The Stewed Cow. It just opened last week, and we’ve been wanting to go ever since we heard about the cool drinks and bull riding ring in the back! The drink list proved to be beyond unique… see Kc’s drink: pork chops and applesauce (bacon infused bourbon w/ apple schnapps and granny smith apple juice). It was interesting to say the least. He loved it… me, not so much.


I stuck to a whiskey drink that seemed semi-normal- the Stewed Punch (cranberry moonshine, cinnamon infused rye, amaretto, pomme juice, and walnut bitters). It wasn’t my favorite, probably because I don’t love whiskey, but the fact that it was served in a mason jar made it taste better (naturally).


After we each had a few drinks, we had to ride the bull.  There’s a big TV screen in the front of the bar that shows what’s going on in the back in the bull ring, so we wanted to do it before the bar filled up and everyone could see us fail (epically).

I’ve always thought it looked hard… but actually doing it is way harder. We each managed to stay on for like 3 seconds and couldn’t believe how much strength it really takes to stay on one of those things! It was fun, nonetheless.



I love nights where you don’t necessarily plan to do something fun- but end up having a blast. It was a spontaneous night that just started with the idea to grab some dinner and ended with bull riding- We’ll be back for a second chance at The Stewed Cow very soon, I’m sure.


On Saturday afternoon we went to the food store to get a stuff to make salted carmel bars and crab dip for my grandmas birthday party. I also decided to get a bunch of veggies for me to make my favorite crock pot soup that I’ve been meaning to make all winter. (I’ll post those recipes soon!)

Since it was St. Patricks Day weekend, we decided to go across the street to a bar called Marty O’Briens for a few beers and some Irish fare after we unpacked the groceries. I got corned beef and cabbage for the first time- um, amazing. I’ve been seriously missing out.


Afterwards we went home and had a few more beers and played cards, while simultaneously making the salted carmel bars.

A night in that turned out being really fun and relaxing at the same time.

On Sunday we went to the beach to see the progress on our house and the beach since Hurricane Sandy. My brothers got in trouble for walking onto the beach- apparently that’s still off-limits!


It’s definitely getting there… the boardwalk is being build and they’re hoping it’s going to be ready by summer which is exciting. I can’t imagine a summer without the boardwalk. I was surprised to see damage that still hasn’t been cleaned up, see below… piece of boardwalk still stuck under the house next to ours!


After walking around a bit,  we went to my grandmas and grandpas for my grandmas birthday and enjoyed spending some time with family.


After writing about my weekend, it sounds much busier than it actually was. We had time to do all of that, and had time to relax as well.

It was a great weekend filled with fun, friends, family, and spontaneity.


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