Springtime in Baltimore

This weekend, I went to Baltimore to visit my friends and KC’s family. As always, I had a great weekend filled with too much food, drinks, relaxation, and tons of laughter.  I love having all of my friends to visit in Baltimore. I get to see everyone at once, and it’s always a weekend I look forward to and always make the most of.

Saturday was spent outside on a roof-top deck overlooking the city and it couldn’t have been a better day. It was a bit chilly, but sunny at the same time which was a nice change from the weather up north. We grilled, played beer pong, and just relaxed all day.

485179_4852510478128_307866548_n 559963_4852511398151_256846559_n


Afterwards, we got dinner and more drinks at one of my favorite places to eat in Fed Hill- Ryleigh’s Oyster.


After a full day of eating and drinking, we were all due for a nap. We wanted to go out in Fed Hill that night, so we rested for a few hours before getting ready to go out. The night was so fun and I got to see a lot of my college friends.

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 9.54.34 AM



After the bar we went onto their rooftop deck to check out the view of the inner harbor.

Goodnight/good morning Baltimore!

35006_4852542158920_192017791_n 305913_4852545719009_2134378615_n

On Sunday, we went over to KC’s parents house, where as always, we had an amazing meal. They truly spoil us whenever we visit and I’m so appreciative of it. They made us the most delicious crab cakes and shrimp salad among many other things.

11501_4854809495602_1938617425_n 62595_4854809735608_1470765099_n

We left Baltimore absolutely stuffed, exhausted, and happy. We are going back in two weeks and I’m already looking forward to another weekend just like that one. 🙂


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