Family and Friends

What a weekend. I know it’s Thursday so this post is a bit delayed… but this week in flying by. I don’t understand how it happens… the days seem to go by so slowly, but the weeks go by so fast. By the time I’ve caught up on sleep from the weekend and feel put together again, it’s Thursday and I’m finding myself having to prepare for yet another non-stop weekend. Not complaining- but just noting that life has been going by very fast lately.

Last weekend, we went to my aunts wedding on Friday, spend the day in the city with friends Saturday, went out on Hoboken Saturday night, and hung out with friends at the apt and relaxed all day Sunday. it was a perfect weekend because I got to spend time and have fun with my family and my best friends.

The wedding was SO fun. It was perfect and I know my aunt and new uncle are super happy and content with how the events of the night. They’re in St. Maarten on their honeymoon right now and I’m sure they’re having a great time. I’m so happy for them.


Before the wedding, we went to a park for family pictures and they turned out great… I’m glad we were able to get some quality photos, I have some frames to fill!

Here are soem just from my iPhone… the wedding photographer got ones that I’m sure will be of much better quality.

531854_4929410440579_852643825_n 601729_4929415600708_872386204_n 601785_4929412400628_47992860_n 935678_4929409400553_965265265_n

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 10.54.49 AM

note steve in the back

On Saturday morning, we all went to my grandmas for breakfast which was super delicious as always- pork roll, egg & cheese, muffins, fruit, coffee… perfect hangover cures. We headed back to Hoboken, and my friends Shannon and Meg came to spend the day in the city. We went to Central Park and walked around midtown for a few hours before going back to Hoboken to get ready for the night.

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 11.02.11 AM

We went to Illuzion (our favorite sushi place) for dinner before going out for some drinks. We went to Pourhouse and then 1 Republik, which were both really fun. I loved spending time with them- we felt like we were back in Towson at college and I really didn’t want the night to end.

image images

It was a really great weekend, but left me practically dead on Sunday. It’s already Thursday and I finally felt like I’ve caught up on sleep and cleaned up my apartment so it’s back to normal. Tomorrow, Kc and I are heading to Baltimore for the weekend (again)! He has his 5 year high school reunion (weird) and I’m tagging along to hang with my friends.

Hope everyone had a great weekend last weekend… and hope everyone has a great weekend this weekend!


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