Gig-It Launch Party


Last night, Kc and I went to the Gig-It launch party at Capitale in NYC. My friend Erin works for the company, which is set to release its new Facebook game today, and was able to snag us a pair of tickets. We were really excited to go out and do something different on a weekday. We got all dressed up and headed into the city to meet up with my other friends who were also going.



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Upon arrival, we realized famous people were arriving left and right… even though we didn’t know who some of them were, it was exciting to see. By the end of the night we had seen Jaime Foxx, Karmen, 2 Chainz, Nas, Fabolous, DJ Khaled, LaLa, Cody Simpson, A few Mob Wives, Miguel, Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross, and Elle Varner. I even got a picture with Cody Simpson (which my little cousin thought was pretty cool) and DJ Khaled.



Capitale is a super fancy club in Chinatown that used to be a bank so it’s HUGE and really cool.  We were so impressed by everything- it was a very well run event. All of the performers (Elle Varner, Fabolous, 2 Chainz, and Nas) all went on at the time they were planned to go on, and everything else was awesome. There was an open bar and amazing appetizers being passed around… and desserts too!

945368_4961379919796_1542301402_n 482529_4961378999773_1266434390_n


I am excited to see what this game is all about- support my friend and check it our if you’re on Facebook!



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