Festival Fashion – Firefly Music Festival

I’m officially going to The Firefly Music Festival  and I couldn’t be more excited for June 21st. I’ve never been to anything like this, so it should be a seriously fun and different experience.

Firefly is a 3 day long music festival in Dover, DE, where people camp out for the three days on the grounds of The Woodlands of Dover International Speedway in tents/cars/whatever you use to camp. I’ve never been camping (other than in an RV when I was in middle school)- but I’m not nervous at all. I’ve never been a girly girl and I’m okay with roughing it for a few days… especially for the sake of some awesome music. My brother, boyfriend, and some of our friends got two camping spots and are planning on setting up right next to each other for one big three-day-long party.

FireFly 2013 Lineup
FireFly 2013 Lineup

There’s so many cool things going on at Firefly other than the music… there’s the Vineyard Wine Bar, A Brewery Bar (with DogFish Head Firefly Ale made just for the event!), a Hammock Hangout, and some other really cool attractions.

A huge part of festivals like this is the fashion… no kidding! Coachella is the bigger, badder version of Firefly and is out in California (and is totally on my bucket list)… so many celebrities go and are always wearing the best “festival fashions.” There’s tons of sites & articles out there about Festival Fashion… here are some great ones:

Festival Clothing– via Tumblr

Festival Fashion– via Style.com

Music Festival Do’s and Don’t’s– via BuzzFeed

Coachella Street Style– via Harpers Bazaar

How to Master Festival Fashion– via Guardian

Coachella Fashion Disasters– via BuzzFeed

June 21st is coming up soon, so figuring out what to wear has been on my mind (naturally).

Here are some things lingering in my various online shopping carts thus far:


1. Billabong Work It Mini, $28- via Swell.com

2. Angie Denim Belted Skirt, $49.50- via Swell.com

3. Lady Stardust Dress, $89.95- via Free People

4. Young Hearts Run Free, $$15.80 – via Forever 21

5. Bonaroo Swit Shirt, $69.95 – via Free People

6. Festival Frige Tank, $33- via Swell.com

7. Wild Spirit Muscle Tee, $13.80- via Forever 21

8. Valley of Queens Dress, $99.95- via Free People

9. Party Time Muscle Tee, $14.80- via Forever 21

10. Land of Liberty Button Down, $69.95- via Free People


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