Bitten By The Travel Bug

Paris, France

Ever since I was young, traveling has been a big part of my life. When I was in school, there wasn’t a Christmas vacation or Spring Break that I was home for, and I was totally okay with that. Throughout college, I traveled with my family during the Winter break and my friends during the Spring break. Now that I’ve started working, all of my paid-days off are being saved for vacations, trying not to use any for sick days or lazy days at home. I get 14 days off a year, which makes me cringe and cry at the same time. That’s two vacations. I know that’s more than most people take in a year, but I’ve already been bitten by the travel bug and that’s a sting I’m positive will never go away.

Costa Rica

I’ve been to Costa Rica (6 times), Paris (2 times- once for a month straight), London, various cities in Italy, the Southern coast of Spain, Amsterdam, Belgium, Germany, the Bahamas, Bermuda, and a few different places in Mexico, and 2 different islands in Hawaii.  I know that I’m super lucky to have experienced all of these amazing places all before the age of 21.  I’m grateful that my parents want us to experience all of these places with them as a family.

Paris, France

I think my ultimate goal in life is to be able to travel the world. I know that requires money- a lot of money, but it’s a long term goal that I hope someday I can achieve. My parents taught me the importance of spending money on experiences rather than material things as a young age and I’m grateful for that. They’d say “You have $200, you could either buy a really nice purse, or use it for a nights stay in a city you’ve never been to… always use it on the ladder.” That way, memories are created and in the end, all you really have is memories.

Costa Rica

My travel bug hits me at the weirdest times. I’ll be sitting in my room just watching T.V. , and suddenly start daydreaming of being in a small Italian town, eating gelato while walking down a narrow cobblestone alley… cliche, I know. I’ll be at my desk and randomly imagine being at the end of a dock in the Caribbean, holding hands with my brothers and running and jumping into amazingly beautiful aqua blue water. Sometimes I wonder why I am sitting in a cubicle for 8 hours a day when there is a whole world out there to be discovered…. but I know this is life and I have to earn it.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

I always have a yearning to be somewhere else, explore, and experience new things. That’s not to say that I’m not happy where I am in this moment, I just know what the world has to offer and know there is so much more for me to see… The best is yet to come.

Costa Rica

I think a big reason why my brother and my parents and I are so close is because we have these cherished moments together while traveling. These memories are once that we share with just each other, memories that we know will last a lifetime.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


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