Spin On Statement Necklaces

Statement jewelry is one trend I never really had any interest in getting into.  I’m more of a simple jewelry kind of girl.  I don’t like changing my jewelry daily- to be honest, it’s because I rarely remember to.  Recently, my mom got me a statement necklace that I love and never want to take off. After a few weeks of wearing it with tons of different outfits, I figured it was time to get a few more and own up to the fact the trend had grown on me. While browsing online for more necklaces, I realized the ones I was gravitating towards had a similar look.  They were all rather industrial and rugged with no color or layers.  I’m a huge fan of  the spikes/studs trend; I think most of these necklaces would fall under that category.

Sometimes, you may not like a trend in it’s entirety, but it’s cool to find your own spin on it. I could never see myself in those preppy bubbly hot pink statement necklaces (like this one- it makes me cringe), but all of the ones below… sign me up!


1. Joomi Lim, $240

2. Baublebar, $28 each

3. Baublebar, $34

4. J. Crew, $125

5. C. Wonder, $58

6. House of Harlow, $68

7. Hive & Honey, $38


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