Beauty Essentials

When it comes to makeup, I usually wear the bare minimum. I hate the feeling of too much product my face- heavy and unnatural aren’t appealing to me.

I hardly ever experiment with new things when it comes to makeup because I’ve come to the conclusion I just don’t know how to do it properly. People often ask me why I have never break out or have pimples, and I attribute it to my genes (my parents both have great skin) and to the fact I don’t pile pore clogging foundation onto my face everyday.

I’ve been using the following products for years now… so I guess you could say I highly recommend them.


1. Aveeno Face Lotion- $14.97 -Doesn’t leave my skin oily and has SPF 30!

2. CoverGirlUnder-Eye Concealer- $5.29 – I don’t wear face concealer, but I won’t go out of the house without under eye concealer. I don’t have bad under eye circles, but it just brightens up my eyes a bit.

3. Nars Laguna Bronzer- $36 -Obsessed with this. It’s the perfect shade and lasts for a while.

4. Tarte Blush- $26 -This is another product that I won’t leave the house without putting at least a little bit on… makes me look sun-kissed and awake!

5. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette- $50 -I’ve had this for almost 2 years!

6. Maybelline Mascara- $8.69 -I’ve been through SO many mascara’s and this one is my favorite… good size brush, not too thick, lasts for a while.

7. Almay Makeup Remover- $6.99 -I swear by this… no other remover works as well or leaves your face less oily.


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