Brights & Lights: The Best Spring Bags

As spring draws closer, I begin to think about all of the happy colors the season brings. The bright, saturated pigments like deep yellow and magenta are my favorite- maybe because they also remind me that summer isn’t too far. Pastel, lighter shades also come to mind- easter colors like light pink and sky blue. I use the springtime as an excuse to add a pop of color to my typical monotone winter wardrobe. I love having a new bag that evokes the colors of this season. This year, I’m looking at these brights and lights as inspiration for my next purchase!


1. J. Crew, $98

2. Lauren Merkin $195

3. Milly, $195

4. Micheal Kors, $1,295

5. Rebecca Minkoff, $195

6. Rebecca Minkoff, $995

7. Kate Spade, $148

8. Loeffler Randall, $350

9. Saint Laurent, $2,750



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