If you know me at all, you know traveling is something I love and treasure. I am so lucky to have seen so many special places. I really have loved every single place I’ve visited- one of the things I love about traveling is how different each place is and how they have elements that make them special and unique in their own way. I loved the romance and sophistication I feel when in Paris, the artistic and adventurous feeling that Costa Rica brings out, the relaxing and at-ease moments only the Caribbean can emit. Until last week, I would have to say Costa Rica was my all-time favorite destination. The reason I say until last week is because i just returned from a place that has stolen that spot by a landslide.


Moorea is an island in the French Polynesian that embodies the word paradise. It’s a 8 hour flight from Los Angeles, but it’s beyond worth the long trip. Of course I had seen pictures and was excited to see the aqua blue water, lush green mountains, and vibrant culture; but I had no idea it was going to embody everything I’d imagined an island paradise would be. The pictures I saw before the trip that I assumed were photoshopped or enhanced were not. In fact, looking at the post-trip, the photos don’t do it justice. The water isn’t just aqua- it’s completely see-through and the array of blues is almost ombre. It’s insanely beautiful and I stared into it for approximately 700 combined hours (just kidding- kind of). The mountains aren’t just green- they are so vivid, they look like a scene from Jurassic Park. The weather was an ideal 80 and sunny every single day, which made the trip even more incredible.
We snorkeled for hours on end, ATV’ed through the mountains, relaxed and napped, explored the sea and land, went jet skiing, swam with sting rays and sharks, and drank our fair share of mai thais. My favorite thing we did (something I beg you not to skip) was swimming with sharks and sting rays. It was incredible and indescribale- except I am going to go ahead and try to describe it. We took a boat trip to go snorkeling, and didn’t know that we were going to be snorkeling with anything other than tiny fish until we got there. Our boat captain instructed us to get in the water… “The sharks and sting rays are out to play, hop in!” “Hop in? Hell no! I am 100% not going to hop in. I’ve seen shark week and I know how Steve Irwin died (RIP). Sorry, I’ll stay in the boat.” 5 minutes later, I was in the water among the wild ones. He assured us they wouldn’t hurt us (as long as we didn’t mess with them) and to be gentle if they approached us. For over an hour, we played with the sting rays and fed sharks while surrounded by this crystal clear water and vivid green island scenery… it was a moment I’ll never forget.
I have more stories and tips if you plan on traveling there, but I’ll end here for now. I would recommend Moorea a million times over. Let me know in the comments if you want to hear about something more specific!
Here are some photos that once again, don’t do it justice.

IMG_4885 IMG_4884 IMG_4883 IMG_4882 IMG_4881 IMG_4880 IMG_4879 IMG_4878 IMG_4877


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