Recipes on Rotation

Working in the city, it’s so easy to go out after work and meet friends- sometimes mealtimes are only time I have to socialize. I love trying new restaurants and would even consider it a hobby if it counts as one. I’m realizing I need to cut back on it for multiple reasons: it’s expensive, often not healthy, and causes me to get home later than I’d like. I want to make an effort to not only cook more often, but to cook more of a variety of meals. Right now, I have around 5-10 meals on rotation that I am comfortable making, and I don’t really challenge myself to make anything else. I’ll use this as a place to share recipes that I’ve tried and liked- it will encourage me to cook more often!

Right now, I rely pretty heavily on the recipes of Gina Homolka from SkinnyTaste– I’ve been following her blog for quite a while and have become a huge fan. Her recipes are easy and healthy, but not too boring… and they’re all delicious. She recently came out with a book, of which I purchased four of (one for me, one for my mom, and two for friends who also love her recipes).

Like I said, I have a few dishes that have become staples in our kitchen- I have them memorized and try to make sure I always have the ingredients in the house. I listed a few of them below and am excited to add to the list as I try new recipes!

1234 copy

1. Asian Turkey Meatballs

2. Banging Good Shrimp

3. Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

4. Chicken Caprese Pasta




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