Alternatives to Coffee

Coffee is my favorite. I look forward to it when I wake up, I crave it when I get to work, and I feel like I need it when the 2 o’clock hour comes around. I won’t go as far as to say I’m addicted to coffee- because when I’m on vacation or super busy and simply don’t have time to make or stop for my morning cup, I’m fine.  I’ll realize “Wow, I didn’t have any coffee today and I actually lived.”  That being said, it’s something I allow myself to enjoy because I try drink it in the healthiest way possible- basically black. I usually don’t add creamers or sugars – sometimes I’ll add a splash of almond or skim milk & a pinch of artificial sweetener (which I know is bad- but I say “fine in moderation”).

Even if I just convinced you that my love of coffee is normal and acceptable, I think we can all agree it would be healthier to mix in some other drink substitutes. Sometimes, it’s not even the caffeine I need, rather just the need for a good tasting beverage to distract me from snacking the afternoon away. I have been mixing in some other caffeinated and non-caffeinated drinks into my day over the past few weeks, and I’ve cut down my coffee intake substantially since.


Here are some of the alternatives that I turn to when I’m wanting something to warm me up, energize me, quench my thirst, or keep me busy so I don’t eat 45 girl scout cookies (it’s that time of year) instead.

1. Early Grey Tea + Honey: This one does have caffeine and is a good go-to sub for coffee. It’s better for you and although it doesn’t have a high caffeine content, it will give you a little boost.

2.  Water + Lemon + + Cucumber + Mint: This combo is delicious… simple as that. It makes a bunch drinking water easy and if you get it really cold, it will wake you up a little.

3. Water + Splash of Apple Juice + Splash of Apple Cider Vinegar + Agave + Cayenne + Cinnamon: I found this recipe on ToneItUp and often forget about it- but I’m trying to make it more of a staple. There are a lot of ingredients, but they are all ones that stay for a while so you can buy & have them all for a while. You’re supposed to drink this in the morning because it boosts your metabolism, give you a bit of an energy kick, and gets your body ready for the day.

4. Green Tea + Lemon: Low in caffeine, but it makes me feel good about myself. After drinking a cup of green tea, I can’t help but think “I just did something good for my body.”

5. Pomegranate Tea + Honey: This one craves my sweet tooth that often comes out after lunch. I sometimes add 1/2 packet of splenda for some extra sweetness.

6. Water + Coconut Water: I sometimes drink pure coconut water, but mixing it with water is easier to drink more quickly and hydrates me quickly.


Have any other suggestions? Post them in the comments!


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